Who said UK schools don’t invest in building winners?

by | Jul 7, 2013

The-Making-of-the-a-ChampionThe Principle of Chalfont Community College in Buckinghamshire has just given the green light for Ray King, LMI-UK, to coach and facilitate 10 sixth form students through LMI’s globally successful youth programme, The Making of a Champion. This 11 week programme will build within the group an achievers attitude toward success. This is nothing new at this school because all over the walls you will see notices advocating that, ‘SUCCESS is an Attitude’.

Using LMI’s unique multi-sensory learning method, with spaced repetition, The Making of Champion programme will create within each participant an inner belief they will achieve the goals they desire in life. Some may even become the Leaders of tomorrow which this great nation needs.

The programme is definitely action focused and geared to results, results which only the participants will choose, and without compromising their sixth form studies.

Topics covered include; where motivation begins; realising abilities; giving direction to dreams; concentration and visualisation plus a host of other key  characteristics of successful people.