Frequently Asked Questions


In writing this section we recognise that you may have some very specific and individual questions as you look around our website and we would very much like the opportunity to answer those so please do drop us a line at [email protected], call on 0800 116 4749 or use the chat feature below.

We have found though that there are many common questions which we’ll answer here to help you understand as much as we can about how we may be able to help you and what it’s like to work with us.

What is unique about LMI's development process?

As a business that’s been around for sixty years and worked with around two million people, we have a good grasp of how people learn and develop new attitudes and habits. We incorporate all of this into a thorough process that is in alignment with how people actually function.

Key aspects of our process are multi-sensory learning and spaced repetition.

All of our learning materials are designed to incorporate three of the five senses: sight, hearing and touch.

The provision of written and audio lesson text on all our programmes means that our clients can easily engage with the content repeatedly over short learning cycles, typically one to four weeks.

Extensive research shows that the combination of this multi-sensory learning with spaced repetition has a huge impact on knowledge retention over the long term and enables us to guarantee that the impact of working through an LMI programme will be lasting and measurable.

There are many other aspects of the way in which LMI programmes are delivered, including continual three-way feedback, application and action resources, self-evaluation tools and plan of action templates, that make the LMI experience unlike anything else.

This is the reason we are so keen that you experience this for yourself and offer a full money-back guarantee the first time any organisation uses the first of our Total Leader programmes, Effective Personal Productivity.

How much does it cost?

This is a really important one to address up-front rather than hidden at the bottom of the page somewhere!

As you’ll no-doubt understand, there are many variables – individual or groups, online or in-person facilitation, the LMI coach themselves and a host of other factors. Therefore each client will agree costs on a case-by-case basis with the LMI representative they have a relationship with.

We can, however, give you a guide here so you have some idea of what to expect.

Because we provide something unique in the world of management and leadership development, we are super-keen that you can experience the benefits for yourself with very little cost. To this end we have a standing offer of just £49 + VAT for the first person from any organisation to attend our Foundations of Success workshop. Thereafter the cost is £249 per person or £750 to host your own in-house workshop.

The most common starting point for our Total Leader Concept is the six-module Effective Personal Productivity programme. To enrol one person on our open course costs £2500 + VAT. As mentioned above in the Unique Process section, we offer this with a full money-back guarantee at the half-way stage if it’s not already delivering you tangible return on investment.

The length of other programmes ranges from 3 to 12 modules with costs adjusted accordingly.

The results our clients gain through engagement with LMI programmes is substantial, often described by themselves as ‘life-changing’ and because of our gradual, experienced-based onboarding process for new clients, they have always proven the value, results and ROI for themselves.

Because of this we are proudly able to say that we have many long-standing client relationships, often spanning decades not just years!

How long does an LMI programme take?

LMI programmes are broken down into a series of lessons, or modulesEach lesson is spaced between one week and one month apart, though we find fortnightly is the best solution for most clients. 

Each programme includes a kick-off session and a graduation. 

The six-lesson Effective Personal Productivity programme therefore will typically include eight sessions in total, spanning sixteen weeks. 

Our longest programme is Effective Personal Leadership which has twelve lessons.  

If the course is being run fortnightly, there will be a coaching/facilitation session for participants to attend which will range from one to two and a half hours depending on group size.  This can be in-person or via Zoom, MS Teams etc. 

At the end of each coaching/facilitation session, participants are given the materials for the next lesson to take away on work on – audio lesson to listen to, written material with application questions, self-evaluation and plan of action resources to help them in their work. 

Typically this will require around half an hour each day – mostly listening which can be incorporated into the routine of the daily commute/exercise/chores. 

LMI programmes are designed to maximise long-term learning and application of ideas to get results. They also enable busy managers and leaders to fit their own development into their existing schedule without requiring large amounts of time away from work. Bite-sized learning, little and often is very much the emphasis. 

Are LMI programmes only for large organisations?

It’s true that LMI programmes have been used for the development of managers and leaders in some of the world’s largest and best-known companies. The reliability of LMI – knowing that you can get the same high-quality development across the world rather than being dependent on the individual brilliance of one or two individuals – is incredibly appealing for big business.

However, thousands of leaders of small businesses and charities have also benefitted greatly from LMI programmes. The extremely practical nature of the materials and the long-term change process means that LMI offers an unrivalled ROI for small organisations that have to be especially careful about how to invest their money.

Is it possible to run LMI sessions online?

Yes! We have been running our programmes and workshops via video conferencing platforms for a few years now, long before the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 forced everything online. We deliver both 1:1 coaching sessions and small group workshops via Zoom, MS Teams, BlueJeans and Google Meets on a regular basis.

In fact, the way that LMI programmes run, with learning materials and application resources shared with delegates in advance and then reviewed in follow-up / application coaching sessions, the online works really well. Everyone is involved from minute one rather than having to sit passively while teaching is delivered. This is the kind of format which has been shown to get the best out of virtual meetings.

We still love to meet face-to-face with our clients as well but online works great. Some of our clients have indicated that because of the time-savings and mobility this affords, they even prefer it to meeting at their workplace and may well stick with this post-Covid. Others want to get back to how things were as quick as possible. Both options work great for us!

Can we run LMI programmes just for groups of our own staff?

Yes. Whilst we do a lot of one-to-one coaching of LMI programmes, they are most often delivered in-house to groups of staff from the same organisation.

We find this to be extremely effective and staff often comment that the opportunity to meet and discuss issues with colleagues, often those they haven’t known that well before the programme began, is one of the most beneficial and enjoyable aspects of the experience.

It is also the most cost-effective way for as many people in the organisation as possible to benefit.