What To Look For In A Business Leader At Senior Level

by | May 13, 2013

  • Broad perspective and vision of changing business requirements driven by customers needs and competition


  • Able to influence and collaborate with Senior managers and Directors and Client representatives at all levels.


  • Able to communicate a compelling vision that inspires others, generates enthusiasm and commitment. 


  • Provide others with a clear sense of purpose and direction, stimulating a productive team climate where members participate and feel involved. 


  • Changing prevailing processes, values and culture to one where business results orientation is paramount and reward those who model desired behaviours and achieve results, impacting on business success. 


  • Underpin future of organisation by achieving overall strategic intent in light of competition and changing social and business environment. 


  • Puts case across with impact and conviction whilst presenting facts clearly and logically. 


  • Provides feedback and encourages others to contribute ideas and opinions. 


  • Able to maintain a balance between driving people and releasing their own potential. 


  • Maintaining a balance between common sense and logical thinking whilst introducing abstract ideas into the organisation. 


  • Projects strong sense of confidence in ability to handle difficult situations and achieve results.


  • Courage, perseverance and energy in overcoming obstacles.