Thirteen Attributes of Leadership

by | Apr 7, 2013

Leadership is not about popularity.

Leadership is not about charisma.

Leaders, like the rest of us experience moments of self doubt and inner turmoil. This results in questioning their own character and judgement with honest reflection and a commitment to action.

As the ethic says “He (sic) who does not increase his knowledge, decreases it.” And this applies to leaders too because we live in a world that does not stand still and changes constantly.

Use these thirteen attributes to find one small way to become a better leader tomorrow than you are today.

  1. A focus on Goal Directed Actions.
  2. Self motivated with an understanding of how to motivate others
  3. A capacity to develop an effective vision of the future with crystallized Goals, and a Plan for their achievement
  4. A belief in constant learning rather than assumed mastery
  5. Development of high self esteem in others
  6. A willingness to ask questions, admit weaknesses and listen to answers
  7. Strong and sincere interpersonal skills, including an appreciation of other people and sensitivity towards individuals
  8. An ability to bring about TRUST, build relationships and inspire others.
  9. The ability and desire to develop leadership in others
  10. The capacity to handle criticism by listening and drawing out people’s concerns
  11. An approach that possesses, values and nurtures innovation and initiative
  12. The ability to communicate well at every level
  13. Integrity and trustworthiness

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