Podcast Guest Appearance – Leadership and scaling a business

by | Mar 11, 2021

LMI UK Managing Director Nick Howes was recently the guest of best-selling author (I don’t Work Fridays) and award-winning business mentor, Martin Norbury on his High Frequency Fridays podcast.

It was a real meeting of minds as they discussed all things leadership as it relates to growing and, in particular, scaling a business.

Nick commented,


“It was a joy to catch up with Martin who is a long-standing friend and a strong advocate of what LMI brings to any business. So many valuable ideas came out in our conversation.”



Specific topics covered included advice on how to:

✅ Delegate effectively
✅ Create daily habits
✅ Set-up & review business & personal goals
✅ Follow a proven methodology / process



“Thanks SO much for coming on Nick and for being so open, honest and engaging. As they say, it’s good to talk!”

said Martin afterwards.



You can listen to the podcast here:

Find out more about Martin’s business, mentoring ambitious business owners to scale their business: https://myadvocatementor.com/