Is the economic crisis continuing?

by | Nov 25, 2013

Not for LMI-UK and the clients who use us.

At the end of November LMI-UK will officially record a 25.8% growth in business against the whole of 2012, and with more new contracts confirmed through to the middle of February 2014.

As the UK economy awakens from the past few years of downturn, companies are being faced with the dilemma of needing increased Productivity, more effective Management and Leadership and a greater awareness from within their ranks on how to utilise the human resources and talent in their organisations. Issues and challenges which need to addressed so as to capitalise on the opportunities to be achieved. Thankfully LMI-UK is fast being recognised as having the essential tools and people development programmes which will help address and rectify those performance gaps which many businesses now have and which will limit their ability to grow.

Greater Productivity is the key and LMI’s globally successful programme, Effective Personal Productivity is leading the way to ensure this happens. Just ask yourself, “Is Productivity an issue you want to correct now or should you wait until it gets more worse?”

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