Manage Your Time More Effectively

by | Feb 24, 2014

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The one thing everyone in business has in common is time. We all have 1440 minutes every day.

How come some people seem to be able to get more done in their 1440 minutes than others?
How come some people seem to be able to take control of their day whilst others are running around from one crisis to the next putting out several fires along the way?

The simple fact of the matter is they follow a process that everyone can learn, many already know but most choose to ignore.

Productive people focus on key activities, high pay off activities that will help them get closer to their goal. They identify the key actions needed to accomplish their goal and schedule them into their daily plan. They focus on these imperative tasks working diligently through them in order of priority whilst at the same time adhering to predetermined deadlines. Productive people identify and say no to low pay off tasks that get in the way of the high pay off things. Productive people simplify, delegate or eliminate these low pay off activities. You can too.

Here’s a simple exercise to do today – write down everything you do each day and select the 5 or 6 things that really deliver the results. Identify these as imperative and don’t do anything else until you have completed these tasks. All the other stuff can wait, focus on the imperative and leave the things that are only important to another time. Better still, simplify, delegate or eliminate them. Remember just 30 minutes each day redirected to imperative things is equal to 22 eight hour working days, that’s nearly a working month!

Mark Tonks

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