Firstco discover the formula for effective leadership development

by | Jan 11, 2019

Firstco discover the formula for effective leadership development

The Client

Leadership Management International (UK) recently delivered a series of important management development programmes to London-based systems engineering company Firstco, one of the leading providers of control and communication systems.

Responsible for supporting clients across all stages of the project and system lifecycle, Firstco’s experienced team of skilled engineers have built a reputation for providing effective solutions through a successful combination of people, process and technology.

To strengthen and improve its industry-leading position, Firstco has committed itself to the personal and professional development of its people, helping them work more efficiently, while exceeding the expectations of new and existing clients.

Believing in the benefit of helping employees achieve their full potential, Firstco engaged the services of local LMI-UK franchisee Nick Howes, who has experience delivering similar programmes to businesses across a range of industries.

The Individuals

Firstco were first introduced to the concepts of goal-orientated actions and effective time management at an open LMI-UK Foundations of Success (FOS) workshop in 2016, after one of the firm’s directors attended the event.

After gaining first-hand experience of the development programmes and understanding the benefits they could deliver, Firstco engaged LMI-UK to deliver a series of in-house FOS workshops for its team of engineers.

Designed to help employees improve their time-management skills, the workshops also focussed on personal communication skills, helping engineers interact more effectively with others to improve business productivity.

The Programme

Building on the solid foundations that were implemented through the FOS workshops, LMI-UK also delivered Effective Leadership Development (ELD) programmes to key members of the Firstco team with a view to invest in additional leadership training over the next year.

The LMI approach of spaced repetition required programmes to be delivered in fortnightly sessions over four months to a group of twelve team leaders and project managers, taking place in-house to limit disruption to Firstco’s day-to-day operations.

Effective Leadership Development follows a multi-sensory approach, allowing employees to retain important information and develop the leadership skills needed to become more productive within the workplace.

Structured as eight lessons, the programme presented individuals with the ideas and practical tools needed to assist with crucial leadership skills such as delegation, motivation and team development – demonstrating how effective communication and organisation could improve results.

Drawing on the real-life experiences and challenges of Firstco employees, the programmes were tailored to meet the unique requirements of the business, ensuring important information was digested and applied correctly.

Highlighting the importance of devoting time to high-payoff activities, the ELD programme showed how wider team development can be achieved through delegation, allowing individuals to gain first-hand experience with time-consuming, yet important tasks.

The lessons outlined within the programme are designed to help employees deliver maximum benefit to the business, utilising their time and resources to achieve more.

The Benefits

Since the delivery of the FOS workshops and ELD programmes, Firstco has reported noticeable improvements to the productivity and efficiency of its engineering and leadership teams.

Overcoming any initial scepticism within the wider team, the engineers are now reaping the rewards of fully engaging with the process, becoming the proficient leaders and confident communicators required by the firm.

Presenting and delivering information in an engaging way, the in-depth training sessions have allowed employees to understand the importance of implementing focussed leadership techniques within their working life.

The Future

The information and lessons delivered will allow Firstco employees to shape a productive working model that improves productivity and facilitates wider personal development.

The programme has helped provide a common management language and style which will be rolled out across the company, reducing inconsistencies in approach as staff move between different project teams.

Understanding the importance of clear communication and internal organisation, their team of skilled engineers will now have the personal confidence to build lasting relationships, while working efficiently alongside other members of the team.

Through a commitment to multi-sensory learning, spaced repetition and a patient approachable mentor, like Nick Howes, Firstco have discovered the formula for effective leadership development and improved operational efficiency.