Self-paced online learning

If you find yourself thinking that you’d like to invest in your own leadership development but would struggle to commit to either a regular time each week or a full day (or two) that would allow you to enrol on a typical training course, LMI’s self-paced online learning may be just what you need.

Perhaps you’ve tried online self-learning before and it’s been a challenge to keep up with the work without the accountability and motivation that comes from having to show up to a class on a certain date.

Again, LMI’s self-paced online learning may be just what you need.

The LMI Difference

We have been helping develop leaders and organisation to their full potential for more than 60 years, having worked with more that 2.5 million people, so we understand what’s required for an effective programme of learning and application with supporting attitude and behaviour change.

You can access any of the LMI programmes via our online learning platform. All learning materials are supplied in both written and audio format – like having the book and the audiobook – so you can engage with the material in whichever format best suits your learning style and your schedule. You might like, for example, to do the majority of your learning whilst driving, on the train or walking the dog using the audio lessons!

Each lesson is accompanied by a set of tools, templates and resources to help you put the ideas into practice. You can work through these at your own pace and they include items such as self-evaluation questionnaires, delegation plan templates, communication checklists, coaching conversations outlines and the like.

Your LMI Coach

Here’s where major impact and lasting change is cemented: you will be assigned an LMI coach to support you through the entirety of your learning journey and you can schedule your time with them whenever suits you best.

You will have a booking link for your coach and once you’ve completed the activities required for each lesson, you will book in a live lesson review meeting to go through your learning, discuss the application of the key ideas and report on progress you’ve made with your business and personal goals.

You are entirely responsible for the timescale you work without any sense of being left-alone to get on with it!

If this sounds like it’s just what you need to take the next step on your leadership development journey, review the suite of LMI programmes and book an initial consultation to discuss getting started with one of our team.

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