Mark Tonks Effective Personal Leadership

A Personal Journey through Effective Personal Leadership

In this series of video posts originally shared on LinkedIn, Mark Tonks shares his personal, life-changing journey through LMI’s premier leadership programme, offering proven and practical wisdom valid for all times but especially crucial during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

Personal Leadership Introduction: build self-confidence and self-belief, take personal responsibility and plan the way forward.

Untapped potential: we all have an unlimited resource we can tap into.

One true comparison: who you are and who you can become is the one true comparison worthy of consideration.

Recap and routine: the value of establishing a daily routine.

Emotional Intelligence: a brief overview and details of an EI questionnaire you can use.

Choosing your own emotion: how to change a negative emotion.

Take Personal Responsibility: refuse to hide behind excuses.

Live life on purpose: reflections on a momentus day.

Discover your purpose: three exercises to help find real purpose.

Defining your purpose: peel back the onion.

What do you stand for? Exploring beliefs and values.

Get serious about goal setting: don’t leave life to luck and chance.

Plan your path: is it really worth it to me?

Plan your path: set deadlines to create urgency.

Focus and concentration: harness routine and self-discipline.

Ignite your passion: stay curious.

Ignite your passion (2) : revisit your dreams and goals.

Enthusiasm : you aren’t born with it, you build it.

Maintianing enthusiasm : four things you can do

Positive expectancy : an inner core belief

Positive expectancy (2) : a conscious choice

Positive expectancy (3) : how the brain works

Affirmations : in support of a goal

Spaced repetition : creating new habits

Visualisation : positive images of the future

Subconscious v conscious : feelings, emotions, logic and fact

Persistence pays off : dogged determination

A winner never quits : overcoming reasons to give up

Live a balanced life : not work / life balance!

Taking control of your agenda : being your best…for others