Looking for a leadership coach?

If you are looking to develop your leadership skills and recognise that you would benefit from having someone to discuss your specific challenges with who is skilled at listening, understanding and supporting you to develop solutions, then we are uniquely positioned to help with that.

It is interesting that the world’s highest achievers in almost every field value the input of a coach to help them overcome obstacles, develop strengths to the maximum and support them to improve overall performance.

All LMI UK coaches are experienced leaders as well as coaches. They have all carried significant leadership responsibility in their careers prior to working as part of our team. They understand the daily pressures, challenges and joys of leadership and are able to offer the empathy, support and encouragement that you require to get unstuck and move forward with confidence and clarify.

The LMI Difference

Alongside the personal support you’d expect, when you engage an LMI leadership coach you are also tapping into LMI’s 60 years of experience in developing leaders and organisation to their full potential. The Total Leader® Solution that each LMI coach has in their toolkit enables them to support you with learning materials, self-evaluation and assessment questionnaires, plus tools, templates and resources that you will have on your shelf for life that help with the practical, ongoing application of the ideas and solutions you discuss with your coach so that the results you achieve are sustained for the long term.

Our focus is always on helping you right now where you are AND working with you to achieve lasting, long term benefits.

Have a look at our team page and contact any of our coaches directly, or email [email protected]

Alternatively, book an initial consultation and we can discuss your situation with you and help match you with the LMI leadership coach who may be best suited to help you at this time.

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