Young Leaders Graduation at Celtic F.C.

by | Nov 11, 2021

Last week saw the conclusion of the first Making of a Champion™ programme run with Celtic Football Club Girls’ Academy.

The 10-lesson programme is a significant milestone in the personal development of any young person and works especially well in an elite sports context with the recognition that hard work and positive attitude, in addition to natural talent, are huge factors in achieving potential.

The programme introduced the girls to learning, as well as practical tools to apply important ideas, in areas such as goal setting, determination, resilience and attitudes for success.

Silje Howes (left) with Tegan Bowie as she recieves her Making of a Champion certificate from Celtic F.C. Women 1st Team Manager, Fran Alonso.

Leadership coach and LMI UK Director, Neale Carter has been working with Celtic F.C. since 2006 and was intrumental in setting up the programme with Celtic F.C. Girls Academy manager Tina Stewart.

Neale commented,

“We recognised that the principles in our programmes that help leaders in all kinds of organisations are also highly valuable in helping talented young sports people realise their full potential. I am deligthed that we have been able to run this programme with Celtic. Seeing the positive impact it has made is fantastic.”

From Tegan’s perspective, The Making of a Champion™ programme has helped her in some very important ways:

“Having a trophy or a medal doesn’t always define winning. I will always be successful when I’m at my happiest doing the thing I love. The course has helped me change the way I communicate with myself by using positive thinking which can have an effect on my actions. There are no short-cuts to achieving a long-term goal. You have to be consistent and patient. It makes all the struggles and effort worthwhile as it makes you feel you’ve truly earned your success.”

Since commencing The Making of a Champion™ programme, Tegan has established herself as a key member of the Celtic Womens’ First Team.

Academy Manager Tina Stewart with Silje Howes and Neale Carter from LMI UK outside Celtic Park.

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