VISION – The breakfast of champions

by | Oct 2, 2020

I feel tired this morning – an extra hour of sleep would have been marvellous. Another day awaits, sitting in the same place doing largely the same tasks as the last six months. I wish I’d bought a better chair for my home-office before lockdown!

Oh no, one of the kids is coughing. Last thing we need. No milk either? You’re kidding me!

Sometimes this is how my days begin and yet I have important work to do and so do the rest of my team. They might all have experienced the same, interrupted start to the day as me, so what can we do to address the problem?

Discipline? Certainly. A detailed plan for the day? Absolutely. Some physical movement and a bit of motivational reading wouldn’t go a miss too! More than all this though, I would argue, we need VISION.

Creating a vivid picture

In order to establish this vision, we need to create a vivid picture of the future that gets the blood pumping and powerfully primes us for action.

It’s what we need to start the day with. Vision is breakfast. It’s the fuel that we need to energise our mind and body for the day ahead.

What are we working for? What is the picture of the future world that we are creating? These are just a couple of the questions you should be asking yourself.

“A vision is simply a picture of a desired future. In other words, a vision is a vivid description of where you want to see the organisation at some point in the future.” – LMI, Effective Motivational Leadership

In October’s Friday blog posts, we will explore the concept of vision further. For now though, consider these three questions, scoring yourself out of 10:

  • How clearly can you describe the vision of the future you are working towards?
  • How clearly do you think your team could describe that same vision?
  • How compelled do you feel to work tirelessly to make that vision a reality?

Spend some time to review and refine your vision, writing it down for absolute clarity. Until you have something that when you read it leaves you bursting with enthusiasm to get on and work at it, then don’t stop working at it!

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