The Total Leader

The business world continues to evolve, with growing competition in every sector and technological advancement increasing the speed of change. The demand for skilled, effective leaders to meet the challenges faced is intensifying, with many organisations now looking to develop the talent within.

The most successful organisations in the future will be those that recognise the need for every employee to lead; both themselves and others. It is only when people are able to lead themselves effectively that they become empowered to be creative and innovative.

This need to develop leadership skills in every employee is the foundation of our Total Leader Concept, which is based on two essential principles:

  • For organisations to succeed, they must develop leaders throughout the entire organisation
  • For leadership development to be effective, it must utilise a complete, integrated, total leadership development process.

The Total Leader programme is made up of four key facets that, when combined, represent what is needed to lead yourself and other people in the workplace. These programmes can also be undertaken separately.

The Four Key Facets

Effective Personal Productivity

To help you operate at your maximum effectiveness and make the most of your talent, we will work with you and show you how to manage yourself, manage your time and manage your priorities.


Effective Strategic Leadership

To become the strategic leader your organisation needs, we will build on your existing experiences to develop the new skills needed to cope with the rapidly shifting business environment.


Effective Personal Leadership

Before leading others, you must learn to lead yourself and be a leader of your own life. We will help you determine the life you want, then through planning and action make it happen.


Effective Motivational Leadership

As a motivational leader you will understand how to lead people and motivate them. We will work with you to show you how you can help people develop and use more of their potential.


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