Jim Collins event this Feb: Level-up your 2021 business strategy

by | Feb 3, 2021

‘‘My goal was to distil my life’s work on great companies into a single ‘map’.’’
Jim Collins


As clients, partners and connections of LMI-UK, you can save £50 on tickets.

This February see JIM COLLINS, best-selling author of Good To Great, in a powerful and exclusive live virtual event: .

Coinciding with the release of his new book, BE 2.0., Jim Collins returns to audiences with The Growth Faculty. In this live virtual event, business leaders and their teams will be among the first to receive Jim’s highly anticipated business-changing framework, ‘The Map’.

A one-page framework, The Map distils 30 years of Jim’s revolutionary Good to Great® concepts into a single roadmap to build an extraordinary organisation; one that sustains high performance, leads and shapes its industry and remains great for generations.

In this exclusive 2.5-hour event, Jim provides a session of deep learning, drawing on three decades of rigorous research to equip leaders with Good to Great concepts and critical strategies, disciplines and practical tools to build a great organisation.

Jim will present live in real time via The Growth Faculty’s bespoke virtual venue.

The best part? LMI-UK is offering our network £50 off the ticket price to see Jim Collins live in real time!

Simply click the link below and claim the limited time offer.


Be one of the first to hear Jim Collins share new ground-breaking insights to take your business from good to great.


Tuesday 17th February 2021

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