HR Grapevine Monday 31st March 2014

by | Mar 31, 2014

87% of the global workforce feels as though they are not actively engaged in their jobs, according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report.

Employee Engagement

Only 13% feel engaged, have job satisfaction in their work and are focused on creating value for their employer.

The report finds that companies with higher employee engagement see better results than those with low employee engagement. According to the report, companies with high levels of engagement make employee engagement an issue of high importance by discussing why it before measuring it.

They also make employee engagement an important goal for all managers; they select leaders based on their ability to effectively manage people; their measurement activity leads to actions and they provide training and coaching for company managers on effective employee engagement.

The report also found that there are three types of employers and those are engaged (13%), not engaged (63%) and actively disengaged (24%).

Companies with engaged employees see 240% improvement in business results.

LMI-UK are specalists in working with companies to re-engage employees and in particular in working with managers to positvely address engagement issues.

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