Feels like progress

by | Oct 2, 2015

There is something really important about the way that we humans are wired that we can use massively to our advantage if we understand it.

We are happier and therefore perform better when it feels like we’re making progress.

Make-progressThe idea of having key goals that you are working towards in and outside of work is not just about getting important things done and accomplishing worthwhile achievements (though that is amazing in itself)! It’s also about how it feels to be alive every day.

Simply put (and this is of course hugely over-simplified), if we feel stuck in a rut and not making any progress or moving forwards, life can be very dull, frustrating and worse.

However, we can use goals, and the measurable tracking of these goals, to create a sense of progress, success even, which makes everything feel better.

‘Performance management’ can feel like a big stick that the bosses use to make sure no-one’s slacking. Perhaps though it be viewed, and used, as a means of creating a success, development, growth and progress culture?

Even if there are major challenges, difficulties and losses in one or two areas, it’s always possible to find some positive attainable goal towards which tangible progress can be measured.

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