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Life-changing productivity improvement for you and your team

The first step towards becoming a Total Leader®

Seven fortnightly workshops, 2 hours each, delivered online, with tangible, measureable ROI or your money back.

Places limited to six per cohort. See our Events page for next start date.

Effective Personal Productivity will help you in four crucial areas:

  • Become highly organised and effective in your own area of day-to-day responsibility.
  • Set and track personal and team goals, manage priorities and hit project deadlines.
  • Improve delegation and communication skills, ensuring the right work is done the right way by the right people.
  • Identify areas for continual improvement in and outside of work and implement strategies to maintain a healthy, well-balanced life.
Expert coaching & facilitation
Personal support throughout the programme
Lesson content in audio as well as written format
Choice of digital or physical course materials
Planning & action tools, templates & resources
Tracking to ensure results & measurable ROI

"I had not anticipated that I would develop skills in all areas of personal management. It is the little things that make a lot of difference, it is amazing how much more productive you can be by making minor alterations in a lot of areas. I can 100% recommend this LMI programme."

- Rebecca Fahy (Director, Jigsaw CCS Ltd)

Rebecca Fahy

Director, Jigsaw CCS Ltd

"Our Sales Manager was the first to go on this programme and he immediately made some changes which led to significant improvements in performance of the sales team. Since then, myself and five others from HBT have enrolled on this course. The programme has helped us prioritise, improve internal communications and has helped me to delegate more effectively so I can focus on the strategic development of the business. I wish we'd done this years ago!"

Zamurad Hussain

Managing Director, HBT Communications

"The team here at Focus has just completed the productivity course, and I must say what a breath of fresh air. I can recommend this to anyone who would like to be more productive in both Business and personal life, it really does make a difference!"

Robert Dunkley

Focus Ceramics

6 steps to better productivity

Effective Personal Productivity is made up of 6 carefully designed lessons, each of which opens the door to significant productivity improvements.

What’s productivity?

First, we help you understand what productivity is and how to benchmark your own personal productivity.

Recognising the rewards of improving productivity, we will help you change your attitude to planning and goal-setting, as well as identifying and utilising high-payoff activities to get more done.

Managing time

Improving your self-image, whilst developing personal and organisational goals is the focus of the second lesson.

Once you understand how the goal-setting process works and the power of written goals, you will learn to find time to plan and set goals, as well as learning the power of affirmation and visualisation. 

Controlling priorities

This lesson will show you how to set priorities in all areas of life to help restore balance. You’ll learn to deal with interruptions, handle emergencies and drop-in visitors as you become ever more efficient and productive.

We’ll also show you how to manage communications and importantly, you will learn how to say no.

Communicate better

Improved productivity requires effective communication and we’ll show how to empathise with others, clarify with questions and listen for the total message.

You’ll learn tips for speed reading, writing for impact and communicating with groups, whilst using technology efficiently and effectively.

Team empowerment

For those with teams to make more productive, you’ll learn to overcome the fear of change and embrace the benefits of empowerment.

Again, we will explain how to change attitudes and how to develop teams through effective delegation and the different levels available.

Team productivity

Finally, you will learn how to create a learning environment, to help get the most from your team.

We’ll show how to instil positive expectancy and demonstrate strategies for training, combined with efficient procedures to ensure any team will increase productivity.

Ready to improve your productivity?

You know what’s in the programme and the benefits on offer, here are the details you need to help you take this important step.

How long?

There is a Kick-off plus 6 lesson review workshops, each lasting 2 hours, which take place fortnightly, plus 1:1 pre, mid & post course meetings.


This programme is coached online using the Zoom video conference platform.


Effective Personal Productivity is designed for all managers at all levels, salespeople and other key personnel who need to improve their own and their team’s productivity.


The programme includes a comprehensive course manual (digital or physical), audio lessons, goal setting and tracking tools, self-evaluation questionnaires, electronic planning templates and many valuable resources.


As well as the group workshops, full 1:1 support is provided for all delegates throughout the programme, with any questions answered and guidance given. A post-course review meeting is included.


Please enquire via the form below for details of invidual or group pricing

Developing leaders and organisations to their full potential.

Mick and Amber-Rose from Instalcom recently completed the LMI Effective Personal Productivity programme. Hear from them in their own words about the impact it has had on them and the business.

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